Expert in Lighting & Love

Pros: Best bang for our buck! Easy Communication! Trash The Dress!

Cons: none

Being a photographer myself, my choice of Wedding Day photographer was more important than the dress itself!! It was also a bit nerve racking to research photographers in another country. Claudia was easy & complete with her communicate before, during & after the Big Day! After  researching 7 photographers in all price ranges (from the “free with your resort package” to high end “more- than- my- car” budgets), Claudia was hands down the best choice!  She captured a great selection of posed/portraits, spontaneous candids  & high-end, fine art images all with great lighting & very natural editing! Claudia’s prices are worth every penny for  those priceless Wedding Day moments!  The Trash The Dress session was by far our favorite part of the entire Weddingmoon and the photos are simply GORGEOUS!!!!! Claudia did not disappoint! Now that it is all said & done, we don’t regret paying the vendor fee to bring Claudia on site. She is experienced with our resort & took us to her favorite cenote for Trash The Dress… the photos are proof that she is an expert in lighting & love!