Not Just Your Typical Wedding Photographer

Pros: Prompt e-mail replies, friendly, attention to detail

Cons: None

I had my wedding at the Barcelo Maya Palace in May this year.  I chose Claudia as my photographer after reviewing the gorgeous photos on her website.  This is what I love about Claudia.  She LOVES her work.  And she loves to capture the moments, which is exactly what I was hoping for.  The photos she took for me came out in radiant colours, she perfectly captured the sunset in the background, and the little moments (a tear, a laugh, a hug, some hilarious dancing later in the evening – not just of us but also our guests).  She promply replied to all my e-mails and gave me advice on how to do my hair (keeping in mind humidity is brutal and the wind is not always your friend either… LISTEN TO HER ADVICE) and prepare for the big day.  She is incredibly sweet, so friendly in all her e-mails, and also very professional when it came to the big day.  She was on top of everything, she knew the best locations for photos, brought every little thing you could need in case of a mishap (she even had scissors and lip gloss for me)… I felt like I had a two-for-one deal – photographer and wedding manager. It is obvious she has done this a million times before. She told us where to stand and how to pose which was definitely helpful because I am no model by any means.  My only tiny critique would have been that she could been even more detailed about how we posed – maybe a hand in the pocket for the groom, or move in a couple inches in spacing… but that being said, she didn’t have a lot ot time to work with (we gave her a little more than an hour for posed shots with the wedding party and alone) and she was trying to make time to capture the light in different settings too.  My advice would be give yourself a little more time if you can – a couple hours at least for shots, especially when you have hired someone as skilled as Claudia.  Make good use of her!  I also loved how she remembered what I told her – this is my better angle, and she ran with it all day… arranging herself and others around me to make me look good.  I’m no Ariana Grande with my demands but it was greatly appreciated.

She promptly delivered my photos in 2 months as promised, definitely gave me more than the minimum number of shots agreed upon.  Thank you Claudia for helping me preserve the memories of my perfect day in the best way possible.